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Technical drawings
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CAD ART Design & Illustrations
Technical drawings
Drafted layouts
Scrollsaw patterns
How-to drawings
Graphic illustrations

We can create any type of drawings needed from personal projects to commercial books and magazines. Illustrations can be created from rough sketches, photos, blueprints, actual pieces, or any medium submitted. These Illustrations can be simple line drawings to full color tinted photo quality. 22 years experience

Drawings returned in any format required:

Hard paper copy

Computer file on CD ready for publication

Computer file emailed

Programs used:

Design CAD      AutoCAD    Aldus Freehand   

Adobe Illustrator    Corel Draw

AutoCAD Inventor       Adobe Photoshop


Work my be seen in:
Better Homes and Gardens:
"WOOD" magazine
"Super Scrollsaw"
"Do It Yourself" 
"Outdoor Projects"      
Patrick Spielmans book series
"Scrollsaw Workshop" magazine
"Equipment World" magazine
Chapelle Publishing
Sterling Publishing
LOWES "Creative Ideas"  Websites

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CAD ART Design & Illustration