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LAVENDER LACE BAND Iowa's only Female Band

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1.Favorite Waste of Time
2. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
3. Will Be Gone
4. When Will I Be Loved
5. Constant Craving
6. Under The Boardwalk
7. Black Velvet
8. Pink Cadillac
9. What's Up
10. Operator
11. Crying
12. Better Things To Do
13. Angel Of the Morning
14. I've Got the Music in Me
CD's   $10. Send to address below 

For Bookings / Promo packages
Call: Mel (515)371-2958
       Dar (515) 681-2807

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Lavender Lace Band
call 515-681-2807

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Lavender Lace Band DesMoines Iowa